Ceramic Cell Cartridges vs. CCELL® Cartridges

The vape cartridge industry is constantly growing and customers are searching for the best quality at an affordable price. As a business you are looking for reliability of your product hardware at the lowest cost possible. All of the cartridges we offer are of the same quality as you would expect from CCELL and other major brands.

Check out our simple vape cartridge comparison of the carts we offer vs. the higher priced cartridge brand on the market.


my420supplies Ceramic Cell Cartridges

CCELL® Cartriges

Tank Capacity: 0.5mL & 1.0mL 0.5mL & 1.0mL
Tank Material: Pyrex Glass (stronger) Glass
Heating Element: Ceramic Ceramic
Base Threading: Standard 510 Standard 510
Mouth Piece: Ceramic Ceramic
Resistance: 1.2 OHM Not Listed
Lab Tested: Yes Not Listed
Pricing: As low as $1.19 As low as $2.89